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Author's Theatrical Organization, Moscow, Russia

Author’s theater organization, Moscow, Russia

ATO, it’s a free creative space. Adults and children come here from an early age. 5-year-olds arrange musical and puppet shows. 11-year-olds put on dramatic performances with music and dance, as well as performances in foreign languages. 7-year-old actors are mastering new theatrical forms. The groups play performances on their stage in Moscow, as well as perform at other venues. The team works in different areas of art: drama, music, fine art, puppet and street theater, theater for young audiences, etc. The main idea of the ATO is that anyone can become a creator.


“We Should”

 We should not be afraid to open to be open to love. We should fly our kite and set off to a journey not knowing what lies ahead without planning our route. We should learn to accept love and to thank those close to us. We should stay strong and naive. We should not forget and not lose the things that we have brought to this life.