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Children and Youth Theatre Atžalynas, Kretinga, Lithuania


Children and Youth Theatre ATŽALYNAS, Kretinga, Lithuania

directed by Auksé Antuliene

Children and Youth Theatre ”Atžalynas” was founded in 1979. Currently there are two directors working in the theatre. About 40 young actors, age 10 to 19 years old, take part in theatre activities. Every year ”Atžalynas” presents two premieres and has accumulated a big number (almost 60) of performances. ”Atžalynas” takes part in different theatre events and festivals in Lithuania and abroad.  ”Atžalynas” was the laureate of many different international festivals and was awarded the prestigious Lithuanian amateur art nomination -”Golden Bird”. ”Atžalynas” has organized many national and international theatre events. Every two years ”Atžalynas” organises the international children and youth theatre creative laboratory-festival ”Atžalyno scena”, international creative camps.


The History of Kretinga in Children’s Tales. Synopsis of the play.

Based on the city’s history, young actors create fairy tales about what happened in Kretinga 10,000 years ago. They tell many stories including : when dragons from unfamiliar lands repeatedly attacked Kretinga; where people sought salvation from adversity; when Count Tishkevich, who did many good things for the city, met his wife; the strange things that happened in the city market when Kretinga was a border town and merchants from different countries visited; until the 17th century, people followed pagan customs, worshiped Thunder and believed in witches although there are 5 Christian monasteries in Kretinga today; in the future, in accordance with scientific articles, the level of the Baltic Sea will rise and Kretinga will go under water. Or perhaps Kretinga will have many skyscrapers and a million people.  We wish our beautiful city of Kretinga the most wonderful fairy tale for the future!