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Theatres: “Carousel” and “ShuMiM”, Omsk, Russia

Theatres: “Carousel” and “ShuMiM, Omsk, Russia
directed by Natalia and Anna Kozlovsky

The performance was created in tandem by two directors Anna and Natalia Kozlovsky from the collective of the Creative Association “TWO THEATRES” – “Shumim” and “KS (Carousel)”, which have existed for more than twenty years. They have staged more than 50 performances. The Theatres work to create performances of various genres of adult and children’s repertoire, which have repeatedly become laureates of city, interregional and international festivals.

Synopsis of the play “Wheel No 3″

The author’s performance without words “Wheel No. 3” is a reflection on the present. The history of mankind goes in a circle. The wheel of fate is rolling through our lives. How does the cart of life move? Who turns its wheel? What does each person and all humanity face on this path? This is what “Wheel No. 3” is about. There are three milestones, three trials, three parts in the play – the flood, the plague, the coronavirus pandemic. Actors either move the “cart of life” together, or separately try to “grab” something for themselves. It turns life into chaos. Greed and thirst for power seem to stop time, but dedication and beauty win, chaos recedes – life goes on! And the “coachman of ancient times” will lead the common cart further.