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Elk Dance Theater, Elk, Poland

Elk Dance Theater, Elk, Poland
directed by Piotr Witaszczyk

Is a group presenting various forms of dance: modern, jazz, broadway jazz, modern jazz underground, contemporary, funky jazz and stylization of ballroom and characteristic dance, where dance is a means of presenting theatrical activities. This form of artistic expression is a universal language that can reach every viewer in the world with no limitations. The team gathers only amateurs between the ages of 13 and 30. The repertoire of the theater consists mainly of dance, music and outdoor performances. The theater is a participant of many international festivals.

Synopsis of the play “Orpheus”

The performance is based on the mythological story of Orpheus, who in search of the Iove of his life crosses the barrier of the living world and goes to the dark underworld of Tartarus, where he hopes to find his beloved Eurydice. This story inspired the author of the script to show the contemporary audience how chance and coincidence can reverse human existence. It is a dance story transferred to the modern world, in which each viewer will find a symbolic reflection of his life choices. It is also a pretext to show how much we are capable of making sacrifices.