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Lieder Theater Company, Goulburn, Australia, “Prophecy”

Lieder Theatre Company, Australia

Directed by Chrisjohn Hancock

The Lieder Theatre Company celebrated its 130th anniversary in July 2021. Director Chrisjohn Hancock has been artistic director since 1992. The team of the Lieder Theatre Company presents up to 5 major performance projects each year to the broad community, the region and abroad. The 130th anniversary of the theatre was celebrated at a high level with some exceptional local talents who have performed in the Lieder Theatre Company for many years in various projects. Many actors in the theatre are also playwrights, musicians, sound engineers, visual effects creators.

Synopsis of the play Prophecy

This dreamlike play can be perceived and interpreted by an audience in different which is why it is so attractive. The director uses the entire arsenal of theatrical skills of the “Lieder Company” to bring to life a wildly shifting story, stating: “The Prophecy gives us the opportunity to work in an experimental space …” You can view Prophecy as an intellectual challenge; a riddle that needs to be solved and deciphered. “Self-ordained prophets” rule the stage striving to enlighten us and each other. Every sort of theatrical device is employed to suggest contexts of ecological crisis, human greed, competing spiritual doctrines or the not-so-focused lens of modern media.