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Theatre Ensemble DISK, Trnava, Slovakia

 Theatre Ensemble DISK, Trnava, Slovakia

directed by Blaho Uhlár

The ensemble has been active in the Slovak amateur theatre scene since 1955. A decisive change in DISK’s activities occurred in 1986, when the team began to collaborate with director Blaho Uhlár which influenced the direction of the theatre. Under his influence, DISK focused on the auteur theatre, touched on current topics and became one of the pioneers of a new direction in Slovak theatre – polythematic decomposition. The DISK has become one of the best non-professional ensembles in Slovakia. For 66 years of continuous activity, the DISK has presented 74 premieres of world plays, Slovak classics and its own work which total more than 1,250 performances. The DISK has participated in 25 international festivals in Slovakia and 47 festivals abroad.

Synopsis of the play Obolus

Obolus can be a tiny gift with which we want to help someone. The play looks at the world of internal perceptions, fears, obsessions and anxiety. People face each other, look for comfort in each other or by touching each other, sometimes they are attentive, sometimes innocent. We see a lot of poverty, but also nobility, we see some hate, but much more love.