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Youth theatre “Experiments”, Jurmala, Latvia

Youth theatre “Experiments”, Jurmala, Latvia

directed by Dace Umbraško

Youth theatre “Experiment” was created in 2013. All the actors know each other from theatre in school where they performed under the director Dace Umbraško. Their repertoire includes Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing; Rainis’ play Joseph and His Brothers; and plays created collectively. In 2018, the theatre was recognized as the best amateur theatre in Latvia. In the same year, the theatre team was nominated to represent Latvia at the X International NEATA Festival “Baltic Flight” in the city of Anykščiai, Lithuania.

Synopsis of the playOh, women”

The play is about the different states that a woman tends to survive. It doesn’t have a classic dramaturgy. In the audience, women mostly understand and accept that, but male viewers fall into two groups: one group does not understand a thing; the other group says it is an anthem for women’s development. Importantly, in the play, women talk hardly at all. It is a chance to see non-speaking women for almost 50 minutes. It is like a game where we can play with stereotypes, prejudices about women and women’s glossy magazines. We break our borders and let us laugh at ourselves.